From Offer Rescission to Facebook Layoffs 2

11 Nov 2023

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From Offer Rescission to Facebook Layoffs 1

09 Nov 2023

It’s been a whole year since Meta laid off 11,000 people on November 9, 2022. The company has recovered, started hiring again, and life seems to have moved on for everyone. But for me, it feels like I’m still stuck in that difficult day. The decision to let people go was seen as necessary for Meta’s survival, but for those affected, it was a heartbreaking event.

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A Difficult Decision for The Future

02 Feb 2023

I have some difficult news to share. I’ve decided to reduce 95% of my mobile apps and to switch back to a basic Nokia-ish phone, which means that some incredible things will be let go - Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.

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